‘Farhope Tower’ world premiere at the London Film4FrightFest

Film4FrightFest is the UK’s premiere international fantasy and horror film festival.  Founded in 2000, it is now in its 16th year.  Each August, FrightFest attracts thousands of genre fans to the heart of London’s West End to enjoy five packed days of premieres, previews, personal appearances, signings and surprises.

April and Tim‘s next movie ‘Farhope Tower‘ will have its World Premiere here, at the festival (see former post).

FrightFest 2015


August 30, 2015 – 14:00 FARHOPE TOWER (UK Premiere)

Director: April Mullen. Cast: John White, Tim Doiron, Evan Williams, April Mullen, Laurie Collins. Canada 2015. 82 mins.

Synopsis : Five paranormal investigators venture into the infamous Farhope Tower, known for its dark history of unexplained suicides, with dreams of landing a Reality TV deal. But they get more than they bargained for when they enter the strangely ever-changing layout, lair of the most powerful spirits they’ve every faced. For once inside the derelict structure an omnipresent evil begins manipulating the team, and the higher they climb the more everything spirals out of control. For heaven’s sake, don’t go up! From the filmmakers behind ’88’ and ‘Dead before Dawn 3D’ comes a classy chiller to leave you super-creeped out.

Ticket will be available from July 4th, 2015 HERE.

Team Wango! will be in London for the World Premiere !

“88” screening at the Niagara Falls Comic Con

There will be a free screening of “88” directed by April Mullen and written by Tim Doiron at the Niagara Falls Comic Con. You can check it out in the main Theatre on Saturday, June 6th at 6.00 pm during the event !

88 banner

Katharine Isabelle interviews for “88”

Check out what Katharine Isabelle had to say in two recent interviews, doing promo for “88” :

–       Did you approach your part in 88 as two different characters ?

–       I had to, to keep them straight. I got the script a day and a half before we started shooting. April was great at keeping me on track with who was I, where were we, what just happened, and what was about to happen.

–       I imagine you had a lot of questions for the writer-director team.

–       I did, but there is not a lot of time when you’re shooting a low-budget independent Canadian feature. It was mostly last-minute panic questions.

–       How gruelling was the shooting, given that the entire movie hinges on you ?

–       It was gruelling. I’m in every scene except one. It was long hours. But when you have a great crew and a great script, it’s not painful. Also, we didn’t do many takes and the pace we shot at worked in my favour. If you do the same scene again and again, it can get stale.

–       You seem to eat a lot of food in 88.

–       I did. There was a scene in particular in which I’m swallowing pancakes, milk and smoking a cigarette. I had a barf bucket next to me just in case. I’m not fond of pancakes and, if I was ever in Fear Factor and they give me a glass of cold milk, I would be out right away (…)

Source : Interview – Katharine Isabelle, Low Budget Muse (The Canadian Crew 08/05/2015)

88 Official Trailer 2015 (54)

– You called working on 88 one of the best experiences of your career. Can you elaborate ?

Well, it’s one of those things where you’re thrown immediately into it. And we had such an amazing crew. I mean, I joke that they were about 15, but they were about twentysomething. So they were really young, really enthusiastic, really wanting to be there.

And I mean, what’s not to like ? I got go around shooting guns and working with the amazing Christopher Lloyd and Tim [writer and actor Tim Doiron] and April [Mullen]. It was just so much fun. We had a wrap party where our gun guy let us blast a couple of blank rounds into the sky ! No one felt like it was work. It was just a big party with guns ! (…)

Source : Katharine Isabelle on 88, Hannibal, and Why She Likes Playing (and Working With!) Horror’s “Timeless Bitches” (The Mary Sue Interview 17/05/2015)

Ontario : Canada’s method actor for film and TV production

For evidence that Ontario trumps Hollywood as a location for moviemaking, look no further than Guillermo del Toro. The creature-feature king now makes Toronto his home while juggling film and TV shoots on local streets and stages. Location shooting in Ontario is the new normal for a slew of other Hollywood heavyweights as well.

Beyond its lucrative tax breaks, Ontario also draws Hollywood with its skilled local crews and talent. The Hollywood Reporter asked Toronto directors, producers and location managers to discuss why Ontario continues to be Hollywood’s northern backlot of choice (…).

April Mullen and Tim Doiron

April Mullen, Dead Before Dawn 3D director : “A big football field is hard to get in Toronto on a hot Friday night in the summer. But in Niagara Falls, I shot at my old high school, St. Paul’s, and we invited all the local high schools, family and friends to join us on the football field and get turned into zemons [zombie-demons]. We had 550 extras and, when a curse was supposed to happen, they all lay down and turned into zemons. Then, slowly, they started getting up and ran into the night. It was super helpful, and it was a fun night.”

Source : The Hollywood Reporter (15/05/2015)

No rest for the wicked : an interview with Katharine Isabelle, star of 88

It is a sincere thrill and honour to welcome my guest at this time to the star of ’88’ Ms. Katharine Isabelle. Katharine I’d like to go on record as stating that ’88’ is one of the most surreal, lucid, compelling thrillers in recent times. In all of my years as a film critic ’88’ is only the second movie in which I’d awarded a full five out of five tombstones.

88 banner

What was the main appeal in reading the script for 88 ? What was the pivotal point in which you’d said to yourself this is a project I have to be a part of ?

– It’s not too often that I come across such a well written character, or, two of them, actually. When they give you a script that is interesting, funny, heartfelt, suspenseful, clever, and then they also say they’re going to give you an automatic weapon and let you loose on the streets of Niagara Falls, there’s not much more convincing required.

– What was the overall mood and atmosphere like on the set of 88 ?

– It was way too much fun. We had a young crew who was enthusiastic and talented and we had an amazing location and we had guns. It was actually far more fun than anything should be.

– What was shooting in Niagara like along with the Falls own April Mullen ? I’d readily recognized many of the landmarks in the back drop, being a resident of the area such as the historic store fronts on Queen Street in the police department scenes, the Basel’s diner in the Cyrus confrontation scene as well as the creepy old 3 story red brick house next to the Beer Store on Bridge Street, the house in which was shared with Aster. I walk by many of these attractions on a daily basis I may never look at them quite the same, mind you.

– Niagara was a great place to shoot, the community was welcoming and it had everything we needed for this movie, all the locations, inside and out were right there. Plus dinosaur mini golf. I mean…. Seriously. It has dinosaurs.

– What provisions or inspiration did it take to get into the role of Gwen/Flamingo ? Which character can you personally relate to more ?

– I only read the script the day before we started shooting. So I had to rely heavily on Tim and April’s deep understanding of both characters. Can’t say if I’m more of a Gwen or a Flamingo, I’ve never dipped into a fugue state. That I can recall.

Katharine Isabelle in 88

– Although your scope of work can be described as diverse and eclectic when considering genres, one cannot deny your formidable presence in horror. From ‘Ginger Snaps’, ‘American Mary’, ‘See No Evil 2′, ‘Hannibal’, etc. do you have a natural magnetism towards the genre ? Is there anyone you aspire to work with in the future ?

– I’ve been incredibly lucky to be embraced by the horror community as I have been. It just so happened that’s where I’ve found some of the best characters. Even though you wouldn’t think it. And they’re also more fun to shoot than almost anything. Except like, maybe a western, cuz I love horses, and guns.

I’ve just wrapped a Wes Craven produced film called ‘The Girl In The Photographs’. So meeting Wes was a check mark off my list of awesome people to work with, for sure.

DG: What was it like working with two cinematic icons such as Christopher Lloyd and Michael Ironside ?

– Both Lloyd and Ironside are legends. It was an 80’s kids dream to be on the same screen as them. They are true gentleman and absolute professionals. A girl couldn’t ask for better co-stars.

– There is some definitive symbolism and subtext within the content of ’88’. It goes without saying the representation of the number 88, Flamingo’s fascination with milk are a couple that come to mind. Describe the significance of each of these. I’m curious as well. Were you a smoker prior to the shooting of 88 and if not how difficult was it to quit afterwards ?

– 88 signifies a whole lot in this movie. But the number 8 is also an infinity sign and the looping between the two timelines and the two personalities is expressed through that. I hate milk. Hate it. I was drinking die milk. Which I haven’t had since (laughs). And I don’t smoke. And I had to power through packs a day so when it was over I had nooooo problem not smoking again (laughs).

– Just wrapping things up I’d like to say thanks once again for such a wonderful interview. Audiences of course get to see 88 in all of its full screen splendor premiering in select Canadian cities. What can fans anticipate at the post screening Q&A with April Mullen, Tim Doiron along with yourself ? Last but certainly not least what’s next on the horizon for Katharine Isabelle ?

– The Q & A…(laughs) oh I’ll be my usual self. Trying to string together a sentence and not fall over. Season 3 of Hannibal starts June 4th. I’m in a really fun comedy called ‘How To Plan An Orgy In A Small Town’ released later this year. And ‘The Girl In The Photographs’ probably early next year. And then who knows, back to the Carnie life for me.

Source : Interview – Katharine Isabelle (88) (Horror News 15/05/2015)

April Mullen & Tim Doiron at the Cannes Film Market

Team Wango! is in Cannes ! Check out what April ant Tim have in store for the next week…

88” will have its screening at the Film Market at Arcade 3 on May 17, at 09.30 am.

April Mullen & Tim Doiron @ Cannes 15.05.2015 (1)


Tim Doiron, April Mullen and Edward Walson attend the TIFF and OMDC Cannes Cocktail at Plage des Palmes on May 15, 2015 in Cannes.

’88’ Movie Premiere in St Catharines

Check out all the pics from the movie premiere and red carpet event at the Pen Cinema in St Catharines on May, 9th. April and Tim, but also cast and crew members, family and friends and of course fans were there to celebrate “88” on the big screen !

88 Premiere St Catharines 06.05.2015 (6)


The screening was followed by Q&A’s with Katharine Isabelle, April Mullen and Tim Doiron.


The after-party took place at Boston Pizza featuring music from Laura Cole.

88 Premiere St Catharines by Wally Alfred Friesman 06.05.2015 (58)



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