April in Afghanada

April Mullen took part of the radio drama “Afghanada“. The episode #81 was aired on Nov. 25th on Radio 1 CBC (Canada).

Created by Greg Nelson, Adam Pettle, Andrew Moodie and Jason Sherman, the award-winner radio show airs Thursdays at 11:30 am and 11 pm on CBC Radio 1.

Afghanada gives us a grunts-eye perspective of the war in Afghanistan.  3 -1 Bravo is a Canadian Forces light infantry section fighting with NATO forces deep in the heart of the conflict.  Every day, Sgt. Pat Kinsella (Jenny Young), Private Dean Donaldson (Paul Fauteux) and Private Lucas Manson (Billy Maclellan), confront the chaos and violence of life “outside the wire.”

Based on actual events on the ground in Kandahar, each week’s episode takes the listener on an intense and compelling auditory journey, an unadorned reflection of the very real life and death situations Canadian soldiers face every day in Afghanistan.

Synopsis of episode #81 : Sergeant Jakes, Corporal Manson and Private Donaldson are all embarking on two weeks leave, with very different objectives and destinations.  Chuky and Dean are heading to Vegas for some flat out recreation, culminating in UFC 124.  Jakes is heading home, with amore somber task, to sign his divorce papers, and visit the gravely injured Lt. Petrovsky in rehab.


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