New show for Falls actress Mullen

As a young teen growing up in Niagara Falls, April Mullen recalls watching Ken Finkleman’s legendary CBC show The Newsroom and laughing as he skewered the TV news world. When she watched it again as an adult, she laughed at all the stuff she missed the first time. Now? She’s starring in the follow-up.

While not technically a sequel to The Newsroom, the ten-part series Good God has Ken Finkleman reprising his character George Findlay, a cynical, self-obsessed TV news producer now running the Canadian branch of a conservative American news network.

Mullen, who has starred in, co-written and directed her own films GravyTrain and the upcoming Dead Before Dawn, stars as frazzled office manager Kathy Duncan, constantly trying to please the needy Findlay with ridiculous requests like a private toilet.

“She’s always trying to please, but every episode so much goes wrong,” says Mullen, on the line from Los Angeles where she’s doing more auditions. “In one of the episodes there’s a shooting. It’s just completely outrageous circumstances, and she’s like this soft-spoken, really nervous jittery girl trying to keep her sanity and keep the team together.”

It’s the third time around for the Findlay character (he last appeared in Finkleman’s previous series Good Dog), and he’s as satirical as ever. Early reviews play up the obvious comparisons to Sun TV, and its ‘Fox News North’ moniker.

Mullen says the scripts were some of the funniest, sharpest things she ever read. The show premieres Monday at 8:30 p.m. on The Movie Network. “It’s very intelligent and bold,” she says. “It’s not polite. It’s poking fun at the industry as a whole. Ken Finkleman is very honest with all of that.”

“I loved watching him work. He knows exactly what he wants and he’s so smart when it comes to comedy and the beats that you need to hit. He’s instinct-based because he’s an actor himself, so as a director he’s really fun and it’s really free. Going to work every day was like being with friends, relaxed. That’s when the best comedy comes out.”

Mullen filmed the show last fall immediately after finishing Dead Before Dawn, the 3-D horror comedy she filmed in Niagara Falls with partner Tim Doiron (they’ve made three films together).

“I literally walked off our set and the next day started shooting Good God in Toronto,” she says. It felt like a “vacation” after the grind of Dead Before Dawn, but sleep was still sparse. Post-production on the movie still had to be done. After a 12-hour day on set with Ken I would leave and go straight to the lab until midnight, editing Dead Before Dawn,” she says. “It was really long hours. I had to eat really healthy and take a lot of vitamins.”

Mullen is soaking up the thrill of a weekly TV show for now, then Dead Before Dawn gets her full attention as it heads to Cannes. She expects it to hit Canadian theatres in September or October.

“I’m so proud of Dead Before Dawn. With what we had, and what we were able to accomplish, I couldn’t be more proud of the team and the cast.”

Mullen will still be in Los Angeles for Monday’s premiere of Good God, and plans to have a “shindig” with some of the cast members in town.

Source : Niagara Falls Review


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