Telefilm Canada loves April & Tim !

April & Tim are part of the lucky producers sponsored by Telefilm Canada, here is a little bit more about WANGO FILMS :

What sets you apart as a production company ?

WANGO Films is an innovative production company specializing in the creation of anything that could be defined as WANGO! We are a young creative power team striving to make unique, cutting edge original feature films and television series. We are content providers and are thrilled to be branching out to producers overseas. To date the company has focused on comedic and 3D feature films, but there are some WANGO episodic and dramatic content coming up in the not too distant future.

What are the creative elements that drive your selection of projects ?

We at WANGO Films love the creation of original, colourful worlds and strong characters to embody those worlds. Focusing on bold, high-concept content with a strong sense of story, we always strive to connect with our audience and give them something that’s unique, yet heartfelt.

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