Interview with April & Tim for Cadence Mag

One more interview with April and Tim from the FanExpo week-end in Toronto, this time with “Cadence Mag“.

Zombies…Demons…Zombie-Demons…Zemons !—An Interview with April Mullen and Tim Doiron
Source : Cadence Mag (29/08/12)

Cadence recently had the opportunity to chat with April Mullen and Tim Doiron, the director-writer duo behind the upcoming horror-comedy Dead Before Dawn 3D. The film, which stars Mullen and Dorion alongside comedy legend Christopher Lloyd and a cast of Canadian stars including Devon Bostick, Martha MacIssac, and former Kid in the Hall Kevin McDonald, follows a group of high school students that unleash an evil curse that turns the dead into flesh-eating zombie-demons—or zemons, as they are affectionately referred to—as they try to survive and find a way to stop the spell that is terrorizing their town.

Filmed throughout southern Ontario over the past year, Dead Before Dawn 3D has the unprecedented honour of being the first 100 percent–Canadian feature film to be shot in stereoscopic 3D, a surprising feat for the young filmmaking duo, as it is only their third feature film together—though they have been collaborating on projects together for a number of years. Despite its lack of studio backing—as it is an independent production of Mullen and Dorion’s WANGO Films—the forthcoming zombie-fest looks to be a polished and gruesome foray into the zombie genre of film, which is arguably at its zenith in terms of popularity and makes a huge leap forward in terms of budget, ambition, and form for Mullen and Dorion. Judging by what has been released so far, there is no doubt that Dead Before Dawn 3D.

When I had the chance to sit down and chat with April and Tim, I found them in the shadow of a blood-covered Winnebago at their absolutely fantastic booth of this past weekend’s Fan Expo. Arguably one of the best displays of the entire weekend, the Dead Before Dawn booth featured not only the film’s stars but a truly interactive exhibit that allowed visitors to put themselves into the action by being green-screened into a scene where they are chased by hordes of the undead. As we chatted about the film, filmmaking, and zombies, the love Tim and April have for not only this project but filmmaking in general became obvious pretty quickly—even if it was bookended by talk of the coming apocalypse.

Read the full interview HERE.


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