“Dead before Dawn 3D” interview for Shockya

Dead Before Dawn 3D marks the first Canadian picture to be filmed entirely in 3D. Starring Devon Bostwick and Christopher Llyod, the horror-comedy centers on a group of college students who unleash a curse that transforms people into “zemons”, a deadly combination of zombie and demon.

Outside of wanting to do a genre picture, what spawned the idea for this movie?

TD: Once we knew we were shooting in 3D, we started brainstorming and thinking about the stories we wanted to tell. We had an idea from a while back that we actually thought was going to be a thriller at first, which was this idea of people killing themselves for no apparent reason. It was pretty morbid, and I thought I don’t necessarily want to approach that subject in that vein. But then when we got into this world and started thinking about making a possible zombie film, we thought ‘wouldn’t it be crazy if we made a classic style zombie film that started out with a bunch of clueless college kids.’ But then we took it to the next level, and created their own curse which involves people they make eye-contact with that turn into this zombie-demon hybrid. And we just thought that would be a lot fun, and it would be very complimentary to shoot for a 3D film.

AM: We were also really excited about working with a new hybrid of a monster. We thought it would be really intriguing to if this was a zombie that actually had a brain, it had demon skills behind it so it could run really quickly and it could move fast and attack at will.

It’s interesting to have a zombie that can actually move and think. Who coined the phrase zemon?

TD: We thought of that together. We thought of dombie, but that was awful. So there’s a play on words there that you can have fun with and it just sort of rolls off the tongue.

AM: Half-zombie, half-demon, all zemon. Just works so well.

You can read the full article HERE

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