Dead Before Dawn 3D: Ellen Dubin chats with ZZN

Ellen Dubin from the “Dead before Dawn 3D” cast has recently a short chat with Zombie Zone News.

All right zombie fans, get ready for the North American release of a new zombie movie that shows a slightly lighter side of our beloved genre. Dead Before Dawn 3D is not your run-of-the-mill zombie flick – it’s a mix of the supernatural, an 80’s teen movie and a new world Apocalypse.

DBD-Behind the Scenes-Week 1 (11)

In Dead Before Dawn, Ellen Dubin – a strikingly leggy 5’10&1/2” native of Toronto – plays Beverly Galloway. Her character is the mother of Casper (Devon Bostick – Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and Christopher Lloyd, of Back to the Future fame, plays her father. Ellen has contacted this reporter to give us the skinny on her role in this new motion picture. You will probably recognize Ellen from her many roles as an actress, most notably from her role in Napoleon Dynamite. In that multi award-winning Sundance Film Festival favorite (and one of the most popular film comedies of all time), Ellen plays the Tupperware-loving mom of Napoleon’s potential prom date. Ellen also has shown her affinity for the unusual by entertaining us with her roles in The Dead Zone, Blood Ties, Mutant X, A Wrinkle In Time and Highlander: The Raven– where she is the only female to have a broad-to-broad to broadsword fight in that show’s history.

Daniel Potts/Zombie Zone News: Ellen it is a pleasure to speak with you this evening. I am an admirer of your work and have been following you on Facebook for a while.

Ellen Dubin: Hey Daniel. Thanks for liking the fan page.

ZZN: So what can I do for you?

Ellen: Daniel, with a name liked Zombie Zone news, I figured that it was zombiecentric, and therefore suggested we should do an article on this zombie comedy I have coming out called Dead Before Dawn 3D.

ZZN: I love to talk about anything and everything zombie, so you have come to the right place.

Ellen: Daniel, before we get too far into the movie, I just want to say that you have a great job!

ZZN: Thanks, I do enjoy talking to people that are working in the zombie genre. So, tell me about this new movie.

Ellen: Dead Before Dawn 3D is coming out in North America in March 2013. Christopher Lloyd stars in it – he plays my dad – and Devon Bostick is the male lead. There is a new type of zombie never seen before called a Zemon – part demon and part zombie. This movie is a real hidden gem. It just won a prestigious award for 3D in Belgium and is huge now in Russia and Tokyo.

ZZN: What role do you play in this movie?

Ellen: I play a sweet loving young mother of the male lead (Devon Bostick) who turns into an evil, vindictive Zemon. I loved playing this role because I was able to transform from this old-fashioned type of Leave it to Beaver mother to this crazy wild character – I established the Zemon walk and the Zemon sound. They didn’t even have to alter my voice for the film. The movie is the first 3D zombie movie made in Canada and was directed by April Mullen, who is one of the few female directors in Canada.

ZZN: Ellen thanks for taking the time to seek me out and bring this new tail of zombie goodness to my attention.

Ellen: Thanks you for letting me tell you about this great movie and have a great night.

Source : Dead Before Dawn 3D: ZZN’s Daniel Potts Chats With Actress Ellen Dubin (ZZN 27/01/13)

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