Spotlight on… Daniel Grant

Our “Spotlight on…” saga continues !

Let us introduce you Daniel Grant, director of photography on “Dead before Dawn 3D“.

DBD-Behind the Scenes-Week 1 (3)

Since graduating from the film studies program at Ryerson University (Toronto), Daniel Grant has accumulated a variety of credits as a cinematographer on documentaries, music videos, commercials and dramatic narrative.

He was awarded by the Canadian society of cinematographers for his work on “The Peculiar Case of Dr. Alexa“, and was recently nominated for best cinematography at the Canadian National youth film festival for “Josh“. His work in documentary, which has been seen at festivals worldwide, has taken him across Canada, to Europe and the Middle East.

Dead Before Dawn-Behind the Scenes (24)

Working on a 3D film : “It changes the job a lot, from a technical and a creative perspective. 3D can be very limiting because you’re working with two cameras. It’s kind of making a film in the 40’s : you have this massive camera on a massive dolley ! It’s almost we’ve had to relearn everything“.

DBD-Behind the Scenes-Week 1 (10)

If I had an advice to give – and this is the one I was actually given – don’t worry about the money, just do as many interesting projects that come along. If you chose the projects based on the people who are doing it, that is going to take you really far, because these are the projects where you will get noticed. I still feel like I’m at that point where I just really want to concentrate on doing interesting projects, because if I chose my projects based on how much money they had, I would be probably shooting… Reality TV !

Read more about his work on the Canadian Society of Cinematographers website.


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