April Mullen & Tim Doiron set to show ‘Dead Before Dawn 3D’ Oct. 30 at Niagara Square Cinemas

With the Hollywood premier of ‘Dead Before Dawn 3D‘ behind them, it was time for April Mullen and Tim Doiron to bring their baby home.

April Mullen and Tim Doiron

“We’re really excited about being able to show (the movie) in Canada,” Mullen said Thursday as she prepped for another day of shooting for the pair’s next film, 88. “Come dressed as your favourite zemon.”

 The film will make its Canadian debut on Oct. 30 at 32 Cineplex Odeon Theatres across the country, including the Niagara Square Cinemas. “It’s a one-night event,” Mullen said. “We’ll be there with our crew from 88.”

Mullen directed the film, which was written by Doiron for the pair’s Wango Films production company. After the premier, Dead Before Dawn will continue to be shown at select theatres in cities like Toronto. That makes the Oct. 30 showing at Niagara Square all that much more special.

Mullen and Doiron brought the film to the city over the summer for an outdoor showing by because of the nature of the screening, showing it in 3D was not possible. “We’re really excited we can show it in 3D,” Doiron said.

The film follows a group of college kids who accidentally unleash a curse and have 24 hours to reverse it — sort of a Shaun of the Dead meets the Goonies. The curse first kills its victims who are then brought back as “Zemons”  — a zombie-demon hybrid.

The movie premiered at the iconic Chinese Theatre in Hollywood last month, and Mullen is stilled visibly excited by the experience. “Oh my gosh, the theatre was so amazing,” she said. “We were able to take pictures on the red carpet right beside Jack Nicholson’s hand prints.”

She said audience reaction to the film was strong. “We had a lot of fun. People were very happy with it.”

Tickets go on sale October 18, at Niagara Square Cinemas box office and at as well as the Cineplex mobile app. The event will also feature prizes for the best-dressed zemons.

Source : Niagara this Week


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