Talking horror comedy with April Mullen for Cineplex

Read an exclusive interview of April Mullen for Cineplex !

Tim & April - DBD the Movie

(…) Cineplex : Was there a learning curve to shooting in 3D, especially on a 20 day film shoot ?

AM:  Yes there was. We knew we wanted to shoot the film in 3D from the very early stages of development and we wrote the film with 3D in mind. We also pre-visualized the entire film in 3D and all the shot lists were prepped and ready for the 3D space. That helped a great deal.

There are huge differences between shooting for 3D and 2D. In the world of 3D fast cuts and whip pans don’t work, so you have to use more master shots where the actors move through the space and the frame.  It makes the whole process much more theatrical in nature. We used a lot of slow, long dolly moves where the actors would be creating the movement instead of the editing. This allows the audience to explore the 3D space on screen.

Cineplex : You avoided a lot of the 3D gimmicks that come part and parcel with horror films- flying limbs, blood, guts and gore. Was this a conscious decision or a result of a limited budget ?

AM : That was a conscious decision. We decided to give the film a much more immersive look with the 3D. That’s when images and the action sink back into the screen as opposed to popping out at you. The immersive approach is interesting because it allows the viewer to investigate and explore the frame, much more like exploring a painting or portrait. It gives the viewer the opportunity to decide what they want to focus on (…).

Source : Cineplex Movie Blog (29/10/13)


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