”Dead Before Dawn 3D filmmakers attended Niagara Square screening

For Stacey Woods and her father, Andrew, it was a chance to see themselves in another light. And bigger than ever before.

Back when April Mullen and Tim Doiron were filming ‘Dead Before Dawn 3D’ in Niagara, the two were extras in a pivotal scene — the football game (shot at Mullen’s alma mater St. Paul high school.

Dead before Dawn screening @ Niagara this Week 30.10.13 (1)

While it wasn’t the first time they saw the movie (they both attended the viewing on the football field over the summer), seeing it on the big screen and in 3D made a big difference.

It was awesome,” Andrew said. “You could notice difference you didn’t see before,” Stacey agreed.

The two were speaking outside the theatre at Niagara Square Cineplex, where they joined an auditorium full of hometown fans on Oct. 30, to welcome and cheer the horror-comedy filmmakers for the premier screening. The Niagara Falls event was one of 32 one-night-only showings at Cineplex theatres across Canada.

Stacey said she played an active role in the scene, where she reacted with horror when one of the players dies. Plenty of death ensues in the film, which sees a group of college students accidentally unleash a curse which causes people who make eye contact kill themselves, only to come back as a demon-zombie hybrid called a “zemon”.

Andrew said his daughter’s screen time was a bit more involved than his. “She upstaged me,” he said. Despite that, he said the experience was a good one. “They’re such good people to work with,” he said. “They make extras feel like stars.”

Dead before Dawn screening @ Niagara this Week 30.10.13 (3)

Dru Viergever, a Burlington actor who played the giant Zemon Josh, also noted the positive atmosphere the filmmakers created on the set.

He said it’s obvious the two — should they continue working together following the film 88, their current work-in-progress also being shot within Niagara — are going to have an impressive body of work.

Viergever said he’s glad to be able to say he was there when they started. “It’s an honour to be a part of the front end of it,” he said.

Source : Niagara This Week (02/11/13)


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