“Dead before Dawn” wins the ‘Green Screen Award’ at the “Planet in Focus” festival

The Toronto-based Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival has wrapped for its 14th edition, and honored Liz Marshall’s The Ghosts In Our Machine and Sebastien Mez’s Metamorphosen in its awards ceremony over the weekend.

Planet in Focus festival 2013

Jury members for the category include filmmaker/activists Velcrow Ripper and Andrew Nisker, and journalist Geoff Pevere.

Lastly, the Green Screen Award, which grants CDN$5,000 to productions that demonstrate the best methods and procedures to “green” the process and reduce their environmental footprint, went to narrative feature Dead Before Dawn 3D from April Mullen, with Liz Marshall’s Ghosts In Our Machine as runner-up, winning $1,000.

Planet in Focus 2013 by James VDW

The Planet In Focus Environmental Film Festival screened a total of 21 feature films and 11 shorts from November 21-24.


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