Mullen finds her dark side for new movie

After three straight comedies, April Mullen is ready to drop something darker.

The Niagara Falls born director will see her thriller 88 debut in the U.S. Jan. 6 on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD (Video On Demand). Filmed in Niagara Falls last year, the film stars Katharine Isabelle (American Mary, Ginger Snaps) as a woman seeking payback on the people responsible for her lover’s death. It puts her in the crosshairs of Christopher Lloyd, playing one of the few outright villains of his long career.

April Mullen & Christopher Lloyd by Richard Hutton -Niagara this Week 22.10.13

It’s a story which came to her in a dream years ago, and was fleshed out by her longtime moviemaking partner Tim Doiron, who also stars.

“Obviously, there wasn’t as much laughter behind the monitors this time,” says Mullen, whose trio of comedies includes the 3-D romp Dead Before Dawn. “It was a very different experience, but unique and overall wonderful. It was exciting to look into such a mindbender script.”

“We’ve been dying to get this one off the page and onto the screen for a long time. It’s been been bubbling around in both our brains and hearts.”

It’s certainly Mullen’s edgiest film, requiring her to go much darker behind the camera. “On screen, there are very shocking moments audiences have never seen before from our team. It will be very different, and the polar opposite of our other films.”

It’s Lloyd’s second straight film with Mullen, who has filmed all her movies in Niagara Falls since her debut, 2007’s Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser. The Back to the Future star has rarely been this scary in a film, outside of his comical villain in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

“He’s menacing,” says Mullen. “It’s such a cool light to see him in. He’s 75 now, and he’s never been featured in such a villainous, understated, quite role. That’s what audiences will really respond to.”

The film’s U.S. rights were acquired by Millennium Entertainment, which recently released The Expendables 3. The film’s Canadian release is set for the spring, and Mullen has plans to hold a special screening in Niagara Falls.

“We’ll have our usual fun red carpet thing,” she says. “I love bringing a film home. It’s my favorite part, to share it with everybody.”

As she prepares for the film’s U.S. release, Mullen is putting the final touches on her next project, the horror flick Farhope. The ghost story about paranormal investigators was filmed in Niagara Falls in June.

Beyond that, she and Doiron are in the “very early stages” of a TV comedy show.

Source : Niagara Falls Review

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