“88” movie soundtrack

Listen to one of the song from the “88” original soundtrack performed by the Canadian Peter Katz : “Where the light used to be“.

Peter Katz-Where the light used to be

“My good friend and super talent Karen Kosowski and I were recently commissioned to write a new song for a movie called ’88′. I’m thrilled with how this turned out. Karen also produced it, like a boss. It’s a different sound for me, you can listen to it on Youtube and if you like what you hear, then it’s also now available on iTunes worldwide. The movie itself is now available in the US and will be released in Canada in April. And it stars Christopher Lloyd.”

Peter Katz

“The movie “88” just came out in the USA and now the single I wrote and produced for it has been released by Peter Katz worldwide on iTunes. You can preview it on Youtube along with the movie trailer. “88” is a fast-paced thriller starring Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) and Katharine Isabelle (Hannibal). The movie will be released in Canada in April.”

Karen Kosowski

You can download the track on iTunes or Emusic !


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