Successful world premiere for “88” !

Tim Doiron spent the week-end at the Glasgow FrightFest to represent Wango Films for the world premiere of “88”. After a successful screening, he took part of a Q&A session in front of a full-packed room. Check out the video and the photos from the evening !

Fans were very enthousiastic about the movie, and especially about the performances of Katie Isabelle and Christopher Lloyd.

“88 disorients with crazy genre postures, but overexplains its flights of fancy” (Anton Bitel)

“Totally overwhelmed by the epic-ness of 88” (Everyone is Something)

“Really enjoyed the non linear, cool and sexy thriller 88 at at this year’s FrightFest, hugely entertaining flick” (Mike Bradbury)

“88 was tremendous, lots of twists and turns and quite original” (Ross Vernal)

Tim Doiron @ Glasgow Film Festival 27.02.2015 (4)PHOTO GALLERY

“For those who like a taut thriller and Katie Isabelle, 88 is on Netflix US. Saw it at FrightFest and I highly recommend it” (T.M. Ward)

“88 one of the highlights of FrightFest in Glasgow. Isabelle brilliant as the broken Flamingo. Good to see Ironside keep his head/arms for once !” (Guy Mel)

“So 88 was bonkers, wasn’t it ! Great job April Mullen and (man of many trades) Tim Doiron. Can’t wait to catch it again” (Jon Dickinson)

“Stylised, exuberant yet messy multi-timeline revenger. Katherine Isabelle has fun. Nice to see Christopher Lloyd” (Esther Sherman)

Tim Doiron by JVdW @ Glasgow Film Festival 27.02.2015

“88 was incredible, I’m a sucker for a strong female lead in film and this definitely didn’t disappoint ! Beautiful soundtrack too” (Kirsty Colquhoun)

“88 minutes of awesomeness ! Slick, smart and freakin’ shexaaaay” (Becky Roberts)

88 kept things fun at FrightFest – solid action thriller with a killer soundtrack and nice twists” (Mitch Bain)

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