Niagarans share motherly advice

Mother knows best. There’s a reason that saying exists.

Whether they’re offering small, yet significant words of wisdom, or dishing out life-altering advice gathered through years of experience, when mothers talk, it’s best to listen. Lessons may be learned in the moment or realized years later, but each has an impact.

In celebration of Mother’s Day Sunday, a few well-known Niagarans shared stories about what their moms taught them while growing up.

The Mullen family

The Mullen family

Niagara Filmmaker April Mullen also credits her career successes to her mother, Carole.

I could never have dared to dream as big as I have without my mom,” said Mullen, who is in town promoting the premiere of her latest flick, 88. “My mother is full of endless love. She’s courageous, positive, generous, talented and believes in the impossible coming true,” she said. “I can’t say enough great things about her.”

Source : Niagarans share motherly advice (08/05/2015)


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