Katharine Isabelle interviews for “88”

Check out what Katharine Isabelle had to say in two recent interviews, doing promo for “88” :

–       Did you approach your part in 88 as two different characters ?

–       I had to, to keep them straight. I got the script a day and a half before we started shooting. April was great at keeping me on track with who was I, where were we, what just happened, and what was about to happen.

–       I imagine you had a lot of questions for the writer-director team.

–       I did, but there is not a lot of time when you’re shooting a low-budget independent Canadian feature. It was mostly last-minute panic questions.

–       How gruelling was the shooting, given that the entire movie hinges on you ?

–       It was gruelling. I’m in every scene except one. It was long hours. But when you have a great crew and a great script, it’s not painful. Also, we didn’t do many takes and the pace we shot at worked in my favour. If you do the same scene again and again, it can get stale.

–       You seem to eat a lot of food in 88.

–       I did. There was a scene in particular in which I’m swallowing pancakes, milk and smoking a cigarette. I had a barf bucket next to me just in case. I’m not fond of pancakes and, if I was ever in Fear Factor and they give me a glass of cold milk, I would be out right away (…)

Source : Interview – Katharine Isabelle, Low Budget Muse (The Canadian Crew 08/05/2015)

88 Official Trailer 2015 (54)

– You called working on 88 one of the best experiences of your career. Can you elaborate ?

Well, it’s one of those things where you’re thrown immediately into it. And we had such an amazing crew. I mean, I joke that they were about 15, but they were about twentysomething. So they were really young, really enthusiastic, really wanting to be there.

And I mean, what’s not to like ? I got go around shooting guns and working with the amazing Christopher Lloyd and Tim [writer and actor Tim Doiron] and April [Mullen]. It was just so much fun. We had a wrap party where our gun guy let us blast a couple of blank rounds into the sky ! No one felt like it was work. It was just a big party with guns ! (…)

Source : Katharine Isabelle on 88, Hannibal, and Why She Likes Playing (and Working With!) Horror’s “Timeless Bitches” (The Mary Sue Interview 17/05/2015)


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