Canadian ‘Below Her Mouth’ may be first film with all-female crew

April Mullen can add another special performance on her list, she just directed “Below her mouth“, the first film with all-female crew.

April Mullen

“The other night, a couple of women in cocktail dresses and heels stood on Church Street in Toronto’s gay village, giggling at the men strolling past. The wind was beginning to pick up; as if to ward off the chill, they clung tighter to each other and launched into a reedy rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (…)

And they were having fun, sure, but they were also there as part of a bid for women to be taken more seriously. Actors Natalie Krill and Melanie Leishman were in their final night of shooting on Below Her Mouth, a $2.2-million indie film which, as far as anyone knows, may be the first feature made in Canada with an all-female crew. From producer to director, drivers to best boy (best girl?), there wasn’t a Y-chromosome in sight.

Produced by Toronto-based Serendipity Point Films and starring Krill (the TV show The Next Step) and Swedish model Erika Linder, Below Her Mouth is billed as a boundary-pushing drama about a brief but consequential romance between two women. The idea for the crew’s unique composition arose as producer Melissa Coghlan (who previously worked on TV shows Say Yes to the Dress Canada and Steven and Chris) and screenwriter Stephanie Fabrizi began discussing how they could sensitively approach the film’s delicate subject matter (…)”

Full article : The Globe & Mail (06.11.2015)


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