All-female crew for Toronto film ‘Below Her Mouth’ making movie history

April Mullen (director) and Melissa Coghlan (producer) were doing a shooting for “The Star”. The photos and the interview were published in the Dec, 10, 2015 issue.

Indie romantic drama “Below Her Mouth” is believed to be the first Canadian feature made with an all-female crew.

April Mullen @ The Star 10.12.2015 (6)

(…) “There’s a lot of intimacy in the film. The sex scenes are very bold and very daring and they require a lot from the two actors,” Coghlan explained, adding “it felt like a natural thing to have a woman director.” She was familiar with Mullen, who directed genre films Dead Before Dawn 3D and 88 and admired how she’d made movies with “a high-quality visual esthetic” on a similarly modest budget.

Once Mullen came on board, she and Coghlan decided they wanted a female cinematographer (Maya Bankovic) and female boom operators handling sound and it just grew from there. It was challenging to build the crew, said Mullen, but once the word got out about the project, there was plenty of interest (…).


Every crew she works with has its own vibe, said Mullen, “but I realized within the first hour of shooting this was going to be a different experience. There was a feeling of community on the set, a really gentle experience,” she said.

Because most movies are made by men, “love scenes and relationships between women are always depicted in cinema through the eyes of a man,” Mullen explained. She wanted to change that by shooting “a true, honest, simple female perspective of what women do together … and what people do when they are falling in love through the eyes of a woman.”

Coghlan said early on she was asked why she didn’t hire the best people for the jobs.“My answer to that is we did hire the best people,” said Coghlan. Quoting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mullen added, “because it’s 2015.

Source : The Star (10.12.2015)


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