‘Badsville’ wins 2 Maverick Awards

Congrats to the crew of ‘Badsville’ for their 2 Maverick Awards, may this be the beginning of a long list !
Russ De Jong, “Badsville”
Gordon Antell, “Badsville”

How does it really feel to be a woman in the film industry in 2016 ?

CBC Canada asked 7 Canadian women being celebrated at TIFF this year.

At the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this week, Telefilm Canada and Birks partnered for the 4th annual Birks Diamond Tribute, which honoured 12 women working in the Canadian film industry : directors Tracey Deer, Ann-Marie Fleming, April Mullen, Léa Pool and Ann Shin ; actors Amanda Crew, Caroline Dhavernas, Christine Horne, Sandra Oh and Jennifer Podemski; and scriptwriters Emma Donoghue and Marie Vien.


The women were selected by a pan-Canadian jury of 20 journalists and bloggers covering the world of arts, culture and entertainment, and collectively they certainly have much to celebrate. But looking at the 91 features to come out of Canada in 2013-’14, a study by ‘Women in View’ found that 22 per cent of those movies were written by women, and just 17 per cent were made by female directors. It’s clear that discussion surrounding the issues facing women in the industry needs to continue – which is why CBC Arts asked seven of the women being honoured at TIFF to chime in on what the Canadian industry can do to set a higher bar for women in film.

What do you think differentiates being a Canadian woman in film from being an American woman in film? What are the pros and cons ?

April Mullen: Being a Canadian woman in the entertainment industry has all the challenges you’d find crossing any border.  The percentages are low across the board when it come to women in film and that’s a fact; however, I tend to focus on supporting and celebrating women that are succeeding and breaking through. I feel it is important to strive for more of a balance in terms of a female perspectives which includes all aspects : unique scripts and stronger female characters and directorial voices.

I believe if the younger generation starts to see celebrated women in film and awareness is amplified, then we are on track to give them the courage it takes to know it’s possible. If you see it, you believe. At a younger age this makes a huge impact for young creators. It is a long term goal where we now are the trailblazers to a more balanced industry.

What do you think we need to do as a collective industry — and society — to make Canada set the bar even higher for women in film ?

The bar is set high and we are here – now it’s time to allow creative freedom and be sure that Canadians see Canadian cinema and talent.  Strive to foster a new generation of women and celebrate the ones that have been the trailblazers.

Who is another woman in film — Canadian or otherwise — that you really admire and why ?

Andrea Arnold. I just saw American Honey in Cannes and it shook my soul — I have not stopped thinking about the standout raw moments in that film.

Source : CBC Canada (19.09.2016)

‘Badsville’ nominated at the Maverick Movie Awards

Congrats to Cast & Crew of ‘Badsville’ : the movie has just been nominated for 12 Maverick Movie Awards !


1. Best Picture
2. Best Acting Ensemble
3. Best Director – April Mullen
4. Best Screenplay – Ian McLaren & Ben Barrett
5. Best Actor – Ian McLaren
6. Best Actress – Tamara Duarte
7. Best Supporting Actor – Greg Kasyan
8. Best Supporting Actress – Kate Campbell
9. Best Cinematography – Russ De Jong
10. Best Editing – Gordon Antell
11. Best Music – Simone Cilio & AJ Gallardo
12. Best Make-up/Practical VFX – Marina Coria

Awards will be announced on the MMA website  and on social media outlets on Saturday, October 1st, Noon GMT.

April Mullen honoured at the Birks Diamond Tribute Event

Director April Mullen, who just completed the feature film “Below Her Mouth” was one of our honourees last night at the ‘Birks Diamond Tribute Event’ at the Shangri-La hotel in Toronto. Congrats !



April Mullen to be honoured at the 2016 Birks Diamond Tribute during TIFF

For a fourth year in a row, Telefilm Canada and Birks, have partnered to celebrate Canadian women in film during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The 2016 honourees of the Birks Diamond Tribute to the Year’s Women in Film are directors Tracey Deer, Ann Marie Fleming, April Mullen, Léa Pool and Ann Shin; actors Amanda Crew, Caroline Dhavernas, Christine Horne, Sandra Oh and Jennifer Podemski; as well as scriptwriters Emma Donoghue and Marie Vien.

The 12 Canadian women actors, directors, and scriptwriters were selected by a pan-Canadian jury of 20 journalists and bloggers covering the world of arts, culture and entertainment. The recipients will be honoured on Monday, September 12, 2016 at an invite-only event at the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto.

“The 2016 edition of the Birks Diamond Tribute to the Year’s Women in Film showcases diversity—that of our industry and our country. Among the honourees are rising stars and established talent, as well as filmmakers who have distinguished themselves in a wide variety of genres and styles,” said Carolle Brabant, Telefilm Canada’s Executive Director. “It is essential to promote the dynamism that these women bring to cinema, both at home and abroad. They are true stars and we want all Canadians to be proud of them!”

“Birks is extremely proud to recognize Canadian female talent in film for the fourth year in a row during TIFF. This year’s honourees are highly deserving of the reward and demonstrate that in every category of film, from writers to directors to on screen, women are leading the way. Canadian women are setting the bar extremely high,’’ added Eva Hartling, Vice President, Marketing & Communications of Birks Group Inc.

88’s music nominated at the Canadian Screen Awards 2016

‘Where the Light Used To Be’ from 88 The Movie is nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for ‘Best Original Song’.

Peter Katz-Where the light used to be

Achievement in Music -Original Song | Meilleure chanson originale

Peter Katz, Karen Kosowski- 88- “Where the Light Used to Be”
Martin Léon -Our Loved Ones | Les êtres chers- “Red and Yellow”
Noah Reid -People Hold On- “People Hold On”
Jenny Salgado, André Courcy- Scratch- A Hip-opera | Scratch -Un Hip-Opéra- “C’est aujourd’hui que jesors”
Kris Elgstrand -Songs She Wrote About People She Knows- “Asshole Dave”
Congrats to all the nominees !

Will April Mullen be nominated for the Niagara Falls Arts & Culture Wall of Fame ?

John Law, journalist for the Well and Tribune (Ontario, Canada) thinks that April Mullen should be nominated for the Niagara Falls Arts & Culture Wall of Fame. Do you agree ?

April Mullen-Headshot 2013 (2)

Like any wall of fame, it’s not just about who’s on it, but who’s missing. The criteria seems cloudy with our own Niagara Falls Arts & Culture Wall of Fame. There have been some odd choices over the years. People that certainly warrant recognition and respect, but I’m not sure what they had to do with arts and culture.

So, yeah, there have been some head scratchers. But most years, they get it right. Last year, an obvious inclusion like local blues legend John ‘T Bone’ Little was joined by fashion designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran, the late artist Jennifer Garrett, theatre producer Linus Hand, House & Home brand owner Lynda Reeves, and military documentary producer Daniel Rodrique.

A great group. And yet, heading into its 10th year, the Arts & Culture Wall of Fame still has a few bewildering omissions. This year’s inductees should be announced some time next month. Here are five names I hope to see on that list :

1. MICHAEL MADDEN – I’ve stopped asking him how many theatre shows he has directed. He probably lost count a decade ago. Madden has been a fixture at the Firehall Theatre for at least 45 years, giving hundreds of people their first experience on stage. He has slowed down a bit in recent years, and jokes he isn’t as crusty as he used to be, but can still be counted on to direct at least one show per season with the Niagara Falls Music Theatre Society.

2. GREG FRASER & STEVIE SKREEBS – When hair metal was a thing, Niagara Falls had a pretty big player in the game. Though they never broke through in the U.S., Brighton Rock – formed by Fraser and Skreebs in 1982 – had plenty of Canadian hits like One More Try and Can’t Wait For the Night. They still have devoted fans and tour with their original line-up, even with Fraser and Skreebs forming another band in 2007, Fraze Gang.

3. NANCY ZIMMERMAN – Zimmerman had a profound effect on several local artists while teaching at the Peterson Community Workshop in Chippawa. She started a citywide art competition among the high schools called the Peterson Cup, and her vibrant, colourful paintings frequently sell out. She’s a former member of the Niagara Falls Arts & Culture Committee and, oh yeah, she’s Deadmau5’s mom.

4. PETER KRANTZ – Krantz is currently in his 28th season at the Shaw Festival, and his versatile stint there has made him one of the company’s most respected performers. He has also done movies (Exotica, The Ref) and TV (The X-Files, Tek Wars), but his many memorable roles at Niagara’s world-reknowned theatre company makes him an obvious choice.

5. APRIL MULLEN – Though her career is still in its early stages, Mullen has already claimed her own unique corner of Canadian cinema. The former Miss Teen Niagara made a brief appearance in a David Cronenberg movie (A History of Violence), before directing her first movie in 2007, Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser. Since then she has directed comedies (Dead Before Dawn, GravyTrain), a thriller (88) and the upcoming horror flick Farhope Tower, all of them filmed locally.

Source : Well and Tribune (29/08/2015)