‘Below her mouth’ at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal

Below her mouth‘ is part of the Focus Québec / Canada category and spotlight of homegrown cinema. April Mullen will be one of the guests for this 45th edition.


Friday October 7, 2016
Program #25 – 21:15 – Cinéma du Parc 1

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‘Below her mouth’ at the Edmonton Film Festival

Director : April Mullen | 94′ | Canada | 2016 | Drama/Romance | English | 18A |  Tickets : $15

Friday, Sept. 30 @ 7 pm – Buy tickets HERE !


Western Canadian Premiere. Magali Simard (TIFF) writes: “One of the boldest and sexiest dramas of the year, April Mullen’s ‘Below her mouth’ tells the story of an unexpected romance between two women whose passionate connection changes their lives forever.”  We would like to add the words ‘most courageous’ to that sentence.

Jasmine (Natalie Krill – ‘Remember’) is a successful fashion editor living with her fiancé. On a night out with her best friend, she meets Dallas (Erika Linder, a Swedish fashion model in real life), who owns her own roofing company and is recently out of a relationship. Jasmine is taken by surprise when Dallas confidently hits on her; she turns Dallas down, but can’t get her out of her head.

Stephanie Fabrizi’s screenplay powerfully explores what happens when two women fall hard for each other. Shot with an entirely female crew, ‘Below her mouth’ smashes all kinds of ‘rules’.  Director, April Mullen (‘Gravytrain’ and ‘Rock, paper, Scissors : The Way of the Tosser’) is an EIFF alumni and we are so proud to welcome her back for an audience Q&A following this screening.

‘Below her mouth’ at the Calgary Film Festival

The festival tour is not over…

ciff-2016Premiering at TIFF, “Below her mouth” is helmed by Canadian filmmaker April Mullen (88, Dead before dawn), and boasts itself as one of the first Canadian film productions to have an all-female production crew.

Director April Mullen in attendance at the screening on October 1 !


Wednesday Sep 28, 9:30 pm
At Globe Upstairs – Licensed Screening
Saturday Oct 1, 9:30 pm
At Globe Upstairs – Licensed Screening

How does it really feel to be a woman in the film industry in 2016 ?

CBC Canada asked 7 Canadian women being celebrated at TIFF this year.

At the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this week, Telefilm Canada and Birks partnered for the 4th annual Birks Diamond Tribute, which honoured 12 women working in the Canadian film industry : directors Tracey Deer, Ann-Marie Fleming, April Mullen, Léa Pool and Ann Shin ; actors Amanda Crew, Caroline Dhavernas, Christine Horne, Sandra Oh and Jennifer Podemski; and scriptwriters Emma Donoghue and Marie Vien.


The women were selected by a pan-Canadian jury of 20 journalists and bloggers covering the world of arts, culture and entertainment, and collectively they certainly have much to celebrate. But looking at the 91 features to come out of Canada in 2013-’14, a study by ‘Women in View’ found that 22 per cent of those movies were written by women, and just 17 per cent were made by female directors. It’s clear that discussion surrounding the issues facing women in the industry needs to continue – which is why CBC Arts asked seven of the women being honoured at TIFF to chime in on what the Canadian industry can do to set a higher bar for women in film.

What do you think differentiates being a Canadian woman in film from being an American woman in film? What are the pros and cons ?

April Mullen: Being a Canadian woman in the entertainment industry has all the challenges you’d find crossing any border.  The percentages are low across the board when it come to women in film and that’s a fact; however, I tend to focus on supporting and celebrating women that are succeeding and breaking through. I feel it is important to strive for more of a balance in terms of a female perspectives which includes all aspects : unique scripts and stronger female characters and directorial voices.

I believe if the younger generation starts to see celebrated women in film and awareness is amplified, then we are on track to give them the courage it takes to know it’s possible. If you see it, you believe. At a younger age this makes a huge impact for young creators. It is a long term goal where we now are the trailblazers to a more balanced industry.

What do you think we need to do as a collective industry — and society — to make Canada set the bar even higher for women in film ?

The bar is set high and we are here – now it’s time to allow creative freedom and be sure that Canadians see Canadian cinema and talent.  Strive to foster a new generation of women and celebrate the ones that have been the trailblazers.

Who is another woman in film — Canadian or otherwise — that you really admire and why ?

Andrea Arnold. I just saw American Honey in Cannes and it shook my soul — I have not stopped thinking about the standout raw moments in that film.

Source : CBC Canada (19.09.2016)

‘Below her mouth’ at the Cinefest Sudbury

Don’t miss another screening of ‘Below her mouth‘ in Ontario at the Cinefest Sudbury ! Melissa Coghlan and Stephanie Fabrizi will be attending.


Sept. 21 8.00 pm @ Silvercity , 355 Barrydowne Road, Sudbury.
Tickets HERE.

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April Mullen honoured at the Birks Diamond Tribute Event

Director April Mullen, who just completed the feature film “Below Her Mouth” was one of our honourees last night at the ‘Birks Diamond Tribute Event’ at the Shangri-La hotel in Toronto. Congrats !