“Farhope Tower’ available ‘On Demand’

To all our Canadian friends : “Farhope Tower” will be available ‘On Demand’ on Super Channel from Oct 06 2016 – Nov 30 2016.

Farhope Tower 2015

Here is the full schedule for October :

Oct 05, 9.00 pm on SC4
Oct 05, 11.00 pm on SC2
Oct 10, 12.45 pm on SC3
Oct 10, 2.45 pm on SC1
Oct 11, 3.45 am on SC1
Oct 11, 5.15 am on SC2
Oct 15, 7.45 am on SC4
Oct 15, 12.00 pm on SC3
Oct 15, 2.00 pm on SC1
Oct 20, 11.00 am on SC4
Oct 20, 1.00 pm on SC2
Oct 20, 6.30 pm on SC3
Oct 20, 8.30 pm on SC1
Oct 26, 1.30 am on SC3
Oct 26, 3.30 am on SC1
Oct 30, 4.00 pm on SC3
Oct 30, 4.00 pm on SC3
Oct 30, 6.00 pm on SC1


April Mullen to direct the TV serie ‘Bellevue’

Television Series (8 x 60 mn) – Distribution, Drama (coming soon)
april-mullen-bellevue-2017-4                                                                                                          .

Thrilling and eerie, Bellevue is a mystery set in a small blue-collar town with a lot of ‘good people’ who ‘live right’ and take it upon themselves to make sure the neighbours do too.

Driving the series is Detective Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin), a cop whose intense and brazen personality has always been at odds with her hometown.

When a transgender teen goes missing, Annie dives in to unravel the disappearance that suggests foul play, despite finding herself in a difficult position as she must cast suspicion on people she has known all her life. As the case pulls her further away from her family, she is also confronted by a mysterious person from her past with disturbing answers and a terrifying need to get inside her head.

Anna Paquin
Allen Leech
Shawn Doyle
Michael Prupas
Janis Lundman
Adrienne Mitchell
Jane Maggs
Morwyn Brebner
Jesse Prupas
Adrienne Mitchell (Ep 1, 2, 7 &      8)
April Mullen (Ep 3 & 4)
Kim Nguyen (Ep 5 & 6)
Diandra Yoselevitz (Line Producer)
Winter 2017
Eric Cayla
Jane Maggs
Muse Entertainment
Back Alley Film Productions

April Mullen at Breakfast TV Toronto

April Mullen was the special guest of Breakfast TV Toronto this morning, catch up with her interview about “Below her mouth“.

Trailer for ‘Aftermath’ on Syfy

Anne Heche and James Tupper star in ‘Aftermath’, which follows the Copeland family (parents Karen and Joshua, and their children Dana, Brianna and Matt) as they battle for survival when civilization comes to an apocalyptic end, triggered by massive storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes, a plague – and the rise of supernatural creatures.

Episodes #9 and #10 will be directed by April Mullen. Coming to Syfy, Tuesday, September 27th.

April Mullen on CHCH

The ‘Niagara Integrated Film Festival’ kicks off  Friday and one of the films opening the event is “Farhope Tower”.  Actor and director, April Mullen and Festival Manager, Robert LaLonde tell us more on CHCH.

Real Detective ‘Misery (01×08)

Episode 01×08 from “Real Detective” aired last night on Discovery ID. Directed by April Mullen and co-written by Tim Doiron.

Synopsis : Detective John Cameron moves to Montana to start his career as a cop. When a child disappears, he is resolved to prove everyone wrong after the suspect is someone he knows. As John fights to clear her name, he digs into the world of a ritualistic child killer.

Real Detective ‘Vengeance’ (01×07)

In case you missed it last night : Episode 01×07 from “Real Detective” aired last night on Discovery ID. Directed by April Mullen, co-written by Tim Doiron with Tim Doiron as Uniform #1.

Synopsis : Soon after joining the Illinois PD, Mike Ciesynski moves to Seattle. When a series of women are found dead in an area called ‘the jungle’, Mike’s leads go nowhere. But a call from an inmate with information on the murders bears a pact with the Devil.