Press Review – Dead before Dawn 3D


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3D Stereo MEDIA Announces the Nominated Films for its 3D Film Festival (21/11/12)

Asian Premiere of Dead Before Dawn 3D: TIFFCOM/Perspective Canada (Wango Films 31/10/12)

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Джигурда напугал голливудскую звезду своим «духовным фаллосом»  (Eg Russia 10/10/12)

Dead before Dawn 3D (Kino Teatr 09/10/12)

Самый страшный фильм 3D (Cosmopolitan Russia 02/10/12)

An Interview with Skyrim’s Most Uncommon “Common Woman”: Ellen Dubin (GPX Gaming 07/10/12)

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А Света из Иванова подарила свой голос зомби (MK Russia 06/10/12)

«Самый страшный фильм 3D»: Мы стали «более лучше» пугаться (Intermedia Russia 05/10/12)

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Gaiam Vivendi snags US rights to Dead before Dawn 3D (Playback Online 10/09/12)

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L’One и Джигурда вместе озвучили фильм (Station 07/09/12)


Озвучивать зомби Джигурде не дали – поручили это дело артисту L’One (City N Russia 05/09/12)

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Berlin 2012 – KSM acquires “Dead Before Dawn 3D” for UK and Germany (Hollywood Reporter 21/02/12)

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NC to sponsor Niagara Falls Comic Con (Niagara College News 08/02/12)

Ready to meet the fans (Niagara This Week 01/02/12)

Actor April Mullen returning home to Niagara Falls for Comic Con (Bullet News 27/01/12)

Mullen to appear at Comic Con (Niagara Falls Review 28/01/12)

Niagara Falls actor April Mullen ‘excited’ about Comic Con appearance (Bullet News 31/01/12)

Interview: Tim Doiron | April Mullen – Dead Before Dawn 3D (Horror News 10/01/12)


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3D movie filmed on Ridley Campus  (Ridley College 13/07/11)

Thrifty filmmaking duo apply 3D to low-budget horror-comedy ‘Dead Before Dawn’ (Winnipeg Free Press 13/07/11)

Filmmaking duo apply 3D to ‘Dead Before Dawn’ (Toronto Breaking News 13/07/11)

Christopher Lloyd joins Canuck zombie flick cast (Toronto 12/07/11)

Christopher Lloyd Joins Dead Before Dawn (Hollywood Reporter 12/07/11)

3D “Zemons” attack in “DEAD BEFORE DAWN” (Fangoria 07/07/11)

Falls filmmaker Mullen brings horror comedy to town (Niagara Falls Review 07/07/11)

Wango Films enters production on Dead Before Dawn (Playback Online 24/06/11)