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Meet ‘Wango Films’ in Ontario !

Come to London to South-West Ontario and meet Wango Films at the London Comic Con !

london-comiconDVDs and posters to be signed at booth #155 on Sat 25 sept. and Sunday 26 sept.

You can also enjoy the screening of ‘Farhope Tower’ at 12.30 pm on Sunday afternoon.


Ontario : Canada’s method actor for film and TV production

For evidence that Ontario trumps Hollywood as a location for moviemaking, look no further than Guillermo del Toro. The creature-feature king now makes Toronto his home while juggling film and TV shoots on local streets and stages. Location shooting in Ontario is the new normal for a slew of other Hollywood heavyweights as well.

Beyond its lucrative tax breaks, Ontario also draws Hollywood with its skilled local crews and talent. The Hollywood Reporter asked Toronto directors, producers and location managers to discuss why Ontario continues to be Hollywood’s northern backlot of choice (…).

April Mullen and Tim Doiron

April Mullen, Dead Before Dawn 3D director : “A big football field is hard to get in Toronto on a hot Friday night in the summer. But in Niagara Falls, I shot at my old high school, St. Paul’s, and we invited all the local high schools, family and friends to join us on the football field and get turned into zemons [zombie-demons]. We had 550 extras and, when a curse was supposed to happen, they all lay down and turned into zemons. Then, slowly, they started getting up and ran into the night. It was super helpful, and it was a fun night.”

Source : The Hollywood Reporter (15/05/2015)

Canadian Premiere and red carpet for “88” !

Wango fans, it’s about time to walk on the red carpet again. Get the chance to meet April Mullen, Tim Doiron and the lead actress Katharine Isabelle at the Premieres in Ontario : Toronto, St Catharines and Hamilton.

Dead Before Dawn: Ontario’s First 3D Film Showing At Cannes

“Dead Before Dawn” is a horrifying comedy that promises adventure, and a lot of fun. It follows the main character, Casper Galloway, and his college friends, as they accidentally unleash a curse that turns people into Zombie Demons — or Zemons. Christopher Lloyd — the famous professor in one of my favourite trilogies, “Back to the Future” — is playing the role of Casper’s grandpa, so the laughs are sure to come. Some are describing it as “Shaun of the Dead” meets “The Goonies”.

It’s another great Ontario success story on the silver screen, and it all happens in 3D. “Dead Before Dawn” was shot from start to finish in Stereoscopic 3D, making it the first full-length, live-action Ontario 3D feature. It’s a first for Canada, too. Not only that, director April Mullen, from Niagara Falls, is now the youngest and only woman ever to do it.

Supported by the Ontario Media Development Corporation and Telefilm Canada, “Dead Before Dawn” has been chosen to screen as part of the 7th annual Perspective Canada_Cannes, running parallel to the Cannes Film Festival.

If you happen to be in France, you can catch the screening on Friday (May 18) at 11:30 a.m. and Sunday (May 20) at 3:30 p.m. at Arcades 3 in Cannes. But if you’re sticking around Ontario, it’s coming to the big screen this fall.

Source : Office of the Premier